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melinda house

senior designer

Melinda tears into projects like a kid gifted with presents. It’s more than enthusiasm; it’s a passion for design. All kinds. Formerly a community newspaper assistant manager, she honed her ability to work quickly and efficiently under impossible deadlines. With her production experience in tow, Melinda –“Mindy”-- joined Windmill Hill where she now gives “the look” to comprehensive communication strategies. From basic and complex websites to event and logo designs to flyers, posters and emails, Mindy manipulates complex ideas into bite-sized visuals flavored with eye-catching appeal.  Fresh. Memorable. Deliberate. Her technical expertise in HTML, CSS and the Adobe Creative Suite maker her instrumental in brand development.

Melinda earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design/multimedia from Lindenwood University. When she’s not saving the world from unsavory color selections and assaultive layouts, she’s bicycling through town with a steady head bob that accompanies her heavy metal habit. As a national-level, competitive weightlifter, she can also help lug your new refrigerator into place. (There’s an extra charge for that.)